WordPress for Beginners: Course Overview
Lesson 1 (of 25)
What Is WordPress?
2m 4s
Lesson 2 (of 25)
Compare GoDaddy Website Builder and Managed WordPress
1m 59s
Lesson 3 (of 25)
Which Managed WordPress Plan Is Right for You?
2m 20s
Lesson 4 (of 25)
Planning Your Website
3m 12s
Lesson 5 (of 25)
Installing WordPress with the GoDaddy Wizard 
2m 18s
Lesson 6 (of 25)
How to Connect Your Domain to a Managed WordPress Website
1m 46s
Lesson 7 (of 25)
WordPress Admin Dashboard Features
6m 38s
Lesson 8 (of 25)
Menus and Navigation In Your WordPress Website
3m 56s
Lesson 9 (of 25)
How to Use the WordPress Block Editor
2m 18s
Lesson 10 (of 25)
How to Use the WordPress Customizer
3m 26s
Lesson 11 (of 25)
How to Use and Install WordPress Themes
3m 24s
Lesson 12 (of 25)
How to Use and Install WordPress Plugins
3m 24s
Lesson 13 (of 25)
Understanding Tools in the WordPress Dashboard
1m 27s
Lesson 14 (of 25)
WordPress Posts vs. Pages
Lesson 15 (of 25)
How to Add and Update Posts In WordPress
4m 15s
Lesson 16 (of 25)
How to Add and Update Pages In WordPress
4m 2s
Lesson 17 (of 25)
How to Use the Block Library in WordPress
3m 20s
Lesson 18 (of 25)
The Media Library - How to Manage Your Media In WordPress
2m 34s
Lesson 19 (of 25)
How to Add Buttons and Links In WordPress
2m 35s
Lesson 20 (of 25)
How to Use Block Patterns on Your WordPress Website
2m 6s
Lesson 21 (of 25)
How to Use Widgets in WordPress
3m 3s
Lesson 22 (of 25)
Publishing Options In WordPress
3m 36s
Lesson 23 (of 25)
How to Edit Permalinks In WordPress
2m 7s
Lesson 24 (of 25)
Managing Comments and Preventing Spam on Your WordPress Website
2m 43s
Lesson 25 (of 25)
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website
2m 50s
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Getting to Know the WordPress Admin Dashboard

In this video, you’ll learn:
  • The different sections of the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • How to customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • What changes can be made to your site using the WordPress Admin Dashboard

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