WordPress 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1 updates

Your Managed WordPress sites are normally updated to the latest version of WordPress within 48 hours — the automatic update system is a great tool that ensures your site remains up-to-date against any potential threats or security exploits, as well as receiving new features as quickly as possible.

However, WordPress recently released a number of back-to-back updates — due to the unusually short timeframe between releases, we will not be releasing 4.2 to Managed WordPress customers. Instead, we will release 4.2.1 within the typical 48-hour timeframe.

Version Description Release date Applied to your site by
4.1.2 Security release April 21 April 23
4.2 General feature release April 23 Included in 4.2.1 release by April 29
4.2.1 General feature release April 27 April 29

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