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Wholesale rates for Basic & Pro Resellers

Wholesale rates are the minimum prices you can offer for products or services as a GoDaddy Basic Reseller or Pro Reseller. You determine the retail prices for your customers, and the difference is your commission.

The reseller plan you purchase determines your wholesale rates. For more information, visit the Reseller Program page.

Domain Name Wholesale Rates (per year)
TLD Basic Reseller Pro Reseller
.ca $13.35 $11.65
.co $32.99 $28.59 $5.69 $5.43 $8.40 $7.90
.com $11.29 $9.99 $11.81 $10.31
.eu $7.83 $6.83
.in $7.30 $6.96
.mx $34.35 $33.35
.net $12.52 $11.52
.org $13.58 $12.58
.us $12.50 $11.50

Product Wholesale Rates (per year)
Product Basic Reseller Pro Reseller
Professional Email $2.01/month Individual - $2.52/month Group $1.61/month Individual - $2.12/month Group
Microsoft 365 $4.53/month Essentials - $12.06/month Professional $4.29/month Essentials - $11.42/month Professional
Email Marketing® $8.15/month Beginner Plan (5,000 emails per month) - $23.66/month Pro Plan (50,000 emails per month) $7.15/month Beginner Plan (5,000 emails per month) - $20.66/month Pro Plan (50,000 emails per month)
SSL Certificates Starting at $36.73 (Standard) Starting at $31.73 (Standard)
Website Builder $4.73/month Personal - $11.94/month Business Plus $4.13/month Personal - $10.44/month Business Plus
Website Security $5.03/month Standard - $25.21/month Premium $4.43/month Standard - $22.21/month Premium
Linux Hosting $1.24/month Starter - $13.37/month Ultimate $1.14/month Starter - $12.62/month Ultimate
Web Hosting Plus $23.90/month Launch - $82.44/month Expand $20.90/month Launch - $72.44/month Expand
Managed WordPress $8.01/month Basic - $15.67/month Ultimate $7.01/month Basic - $13.67/month Ultimate

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