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What is Trademark Keeper?

Trademark Keeper is a feature of your GoDaddy domain that automatically captures digital scans of your website homepage and any use of your trademarks — i.e. brand or product names — on your homepage. These are then timestamped and recorded using blockchain technology to ensure a secure record of the trademark use. You may be able to use these records to defend or assert trademark rights you might have if you feel someone else has copied your trademarks, or if others accuse you of the same.

What's included:

  • An automatic scan of your homepage every 3 months to capture and update any changes to your site, brands or products
  • The option to identify up to 3 individual trademarks to help you catalog your brand assets in your dashboard.
  • Cutting edge, highly secure blockchain technology provides an extra layer of protection.

Define individual trademarks on your site.

While Trademark Keeper automatically scans your website to capture any trademarks that might appear there, we recommend that you identify each individual trademark so you can catalog your brand assets. Trademarks can take many different forms, but most often a trademark will fall under one of these categories:

Trademark type Details
Word Mark This can be your company name, product name, slogan, or any other combination of words.
Styled Word Mark If you want to protect a word mark in a specific font, size or color (as opposed to ALL fonts, sizes and colors, for which you'd choose “Word Mark”).
Mark and Design Marks that have both text and design elements. Both elements combine to form one mark.
Logo or Design Mark An original design or graphic without any text, like a symbol that might be used on clothing or packaging.

Interested in Trademark Keeper? Opt-in to our beta and start protecting your brand today.

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