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Verify my domain ownership with Hover (Tucows)

To set up your Microsoft 365 email address with a domain at Hover, you'll need to change your Hover DNS settings twice. Once with a TXT verification record to verify your domain ownership, and a second time with the rest of your Microsoft 365 DNS details to set your mail destination.

The TXT record value that you need to create is in your Microsoft 365 account. If you need to sign back in, select Help me fix this.

  1. Sign in to your Hover account.
  2. If you have multiple domain names, choose the domain name you want to edit.
  3. Select the DNS tab.
  4. Select Add New and enter the following:
    • Host Name: @
    • Record Type: TXT
    • Value: The TXT value in your Microsoft 365 account.
  5. Select Save.

Contact Hover customer support at 1 (866) 731-6556 if you need additional help.

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