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Understand how the Lead Time settings work

Step 2 of the Set up Local Pickup Plus series.

Lead time is one of the more complex portions of Local Pickup Plus. In general, it refers to how long the merchant would like someone to wait before they can pick up their order. This delay could be required for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the product needs to be sent to the pickup location from a warehouse, or maybe it’s because the merchant needs time to bake the order of three dozen cookies. Whatever the reason, lead time allows the merchant to increase the waiting time before someone can pick up their order.

The lead time settings are only available when the Pickup Appointments mode is set to "Allow scheduled appointments" or "Require scheduled appointments."

In the Default Lead Time section, you can set the default lead time to determine the earliest pickup date. If you want to offer appointments, but you don't want to add a lead time, you can set it to 0. You can choose between hours, days, weeks, and even months to set exactly the lead time that fits your store.

Next, you can configure the Lead Time Calculation. There are currently two options:

  • Count only open hours. Pauses outside business hours and on holidays.

    This is a great option if you'd like to ensure that the lead time calculation will respect your store's business hours. However, this can also cause some confusion with the default lead time duration.

  • Count calendar days. Ignores business hours and holidays.

    Instead of counting business hours when calculating the lead time, you can instead count the calendar days to ensure that the lead time calculation is easier to set based on your needs.

Note: Using days for lead time and the leading time calculation to be counted only for open hours can cause unexpected lead times for your customers. Read our lead time calculation in days article to find out more