Steps in the upgrade process from Hosted Exchange

We do most of the work for you to move your email data and service from Hosted Exchange to Office 365. And at each step we will email you and your email users with reminders, and instructions. Take a look at the process, below, so you can know what to expect.

  1. 30 days before your scheduled upgrade date: We’ll email you and your email users with information about the upgrade, and what you should do to prepare.
  2. 15 days before your scheduled upgrade date: We’ll email you and your team a reminder.
  3. 10 days before your scheduled upgrade date: We start moving your data to Office 365, behind the scenes. You just continue to use your current email, as normal. Do I need to make any changes to my domain DNS settings?

    The Hosted Exchange control panel will be locked from this point, on.

  4. On your upgrade date: Your domain name is updated to start routing email to Office 365. We’ll also continue to check your old email account for any data that was routed to it, during the upgrade. This process is designed to avoid impact, and move everything.
  5. 10 minutes before the actual switchover: You and your users are notified by email. Everyone has to save their work and close Outlook before their account can be upgraded. If a user has Outlook open, they will be given the option to postpone the upgrade 10 minutes, as many times as they need. If their computer is off, or not connected to the internet, the upgrade will happen the next time they connect, and log in, automatically.
  6. When the upgrade is complete: We’ll notify all users with instructions for accessing your new email account, and setting up your mobile devices.
  7. For 2 weeks after your upgrade: Your Hosted Exchange account will remain active. You need to move your SharePoint files to your OneDrive or Sites in Office 365, during this time. You can drag-and-drop right into OneDrive or Sites.
  8. 2 weeks after your upgrade: We’ll remove all your old data, and disable access. Everything is secure, and finalized.

You can always check your upgrade progress on a customized upgrade dashboard.

Have your users be on the lookout for communications from GoDaddy, and SkyKick, about the upgrade. Everything they need to do will be included in the emails they receive.

All Windows Outlook users should install the Outlook Setup Assistant

To make the upgrade process smoother, and allow us to move even more of your data and settings, we recommend that you and your email users download and install the Outlook Setup Assistant, before your scheduled upgrade date. The Assistant is only available for Windows PC users.

The account holder will receive daily reports on the Outlook Setup Assistant downloads by your email users. We highly recommend that everyone who can downloads and installs the Assistant, as early in the process as possible.

The Outlook Setup Assistant system requirements are:

  • Outlook 2007-2016 on Windows (no thin clients or terminal servers)
  • Must have .Net Framework 4.0 FULL installed before the Assistant
  • Ensure you install the appropriate version of the Outlook Setup Assistant (x32 vs x64)
  • Local Administrator rights are required to download and install Outlook Setup Assistant
  • Outlook Setup Assistant's Client app will run under the identity of the currently logged in user and must be able to communicate with and * on ports 80 and 443
  • Outlook Setup Assistant's Windows Service will run under the identity of the Network Service and must be able to communicate with and * on ports 80 and 443

Anyone not able to use the Outlook Setup Assistant will have to manually set a password for their new Office 365 account. We’ll send each account holder an email at the proper time to set a password.

Folks not using Outlook, or unable to get the Outlook Setup Assistant, will have to set up their email client with Office 365, manually. Here are instructions for setting up various email clients with Office 365:

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