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Sign in to my GoDaddy account

Go directly to the sign-in page to sign in to your GoDaddy account, or follow the steps below.

Note: If you're trying to sign in to your Microsoft 365 email account, sign in to Office online or Outlook on the web.

  1. Go to the GoDaddy home page.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, select Sign In (on mobile, select the person icon person icon).
    select sign in
    • If you're already signed in, you'll see your Username instead of Sign In. Select your Username, then select My Products to go to your GoDaddy account.
  3. Under Registered Users, select Sign in.
    registered users sign in
  4. Enter your Username or Customer #. You can also sign in with your Amazon, Facebook or Google account.
  5. Enter your Password, then select Sign In.
  6. If you set up 2SV, you'll be prompted to enter an authentication code or use your security key to complete the sign-in process.

Once you're successfully signed in, you'll see your My Products page.

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