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All about emailLearn about email, archiving, and encryption. Discover the differences between email aliases, forwarding email, using a shared mailbox, and distribution lists.
Discover GoDaddy Office 365Learn about Office 365, plan options and differences, and email account.
Set up emailGet started and see what it takes to set up your email account on desktop and mobile.
Move my email to Office 365Learn about moving or upgrading your email service.
Password and email accountsOnce you have your accounts set up you can manage passwords, add users, and change your display name.
Manage Email AccountsYou can create a shared mailbox, add an email alias, create a distribution list, or forward your email. Learn how to check your email storage quota.
Microsoft Office AppsLearn about how to set up Microsoft Office applications on desktop and mobile. Discover business apps from Microsoft and other add-ons.
Encryption and email securityUnderstand email encryption and how the Office 365 Encryption add-on and Advance Email Security add-on works.
TroubleshootingFind out how to troubleshoot errors you encounter.


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