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My GoDaddy Studio projects are missing

For privacy reasons, we do not have access to projects you create with GoDaddy Studio and cannot recover projects on your behalf.

If your projects are missing, there are a few things you can try.

Warning: Please do not delete the GoDaddy Studio app. This will delete all projects saved in your project feed.

Before you continue, check if Project Sync is enabled on your GoDaddy Studio app.

If Project Sync is not enabled and you saved your projects to Folders, follow the steps to retrieve your projects from Folders.

If Project Sync is enabled but your projects aren’t showing, there are a few things you can try:

  • Pull down the Projects screen to refresh the view and show the latest projects. The spinner will work as the projects load. If not, check your internet connection.

    Projects are loading

  • Shut down and restart the GoDaddy Studio app. This updates the app to show your latest projects.
  • Check that you’ve signed in using the correct account - you may have more than one.
  • Are you a PRO subscriber? If you had iCloud sync turned on in the app when you created your projects, you may be able to retrieve them from your iCloud sync drive.
  • Did you recently back up your device? If so, you might be able to access your projects from your backup.

    Note: Use with caution - restoring a backup will reset all other apps and information on your device.

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