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Make a video in GoDaddy Studio

Increase engagement and grow your business online with a unique, personalized video. Instant Video uses automation and machine learning to turn your clips and photos into an engaging video in just a few taps.

Note: Instant Video is currently available as a beta version on the GoDaddy Studio iOS app. With your feedback we’ll keep improving it so we can also bring it to Android and the web.

Create a new video project

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Studio iOS app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen tap GoDaddy Studio create project button for iOS Create to start a new project.
  3. At the top of the screen, under Create an Instant Video, tap the video layout you’d like to start with.
    image-GDSTUDIO-01-create video-iOS-dark

Add media

  1. Add video clips or photos one at a time by selecting them from your device, our stock libraries or your GoDaddy website. The media you’ve selected will show at the bottom of the screen.
    Add video clips or photos for your video
  2. (Optional) Arrange your media in the order you want them to appear in your video. To move a clip or photo, tap and hold it and then drag it to a new position. To delete a clip or photo, tap the X in its upper-right corner.
  3. (Optional) To shorten a video clip, tap it and then drag the time indicator start point (left side) and end point (right side) to the frames where you’d like the clip to start and end.
  4. Tap the Tap the checkmark to apply changes checkmark in the upper-right corner to compile the first version of your video.

Change the style

Warning: You will not be able to change the music later, so make sure you’re happy with your selection here!

Instant Video will analyze your media and suggest a video style. This includes a font, some ‘hook’ text to grab attention at the start of your video, a set of colors, some music and a transition style.

  1. To change the style, tap a different one.
    Change the music and font of your video
  2. To choose a different combination of text and music within a style, tap the style repeatedly to cycle through the options. You’ll see and hear a preview of each combination.
  3. (Optional) You can also choose music independently from the style.
    • Tap the name of the current music in the lower-right corner.
      Tap the current music to change it
    • Tap Choose Music and then tap the music you want to add. You can also adjust the volume here, or remove the music completely.

Your video is now ready to be exported and published, or edit it some more if you like.

(Optional) Edit your video

  1. You can edit your video in the GoDaddy Studio canvas. This includes:

    You can edit your project in this way at any time.

Save and export

  1. When you’re ready to publish your video, in the upper-right corner, tap Publish my Link in Bio Export.
  2. To save your video to your device, tap Save and then Save as Video (.MOV).
    Save your video to your device

You can now share your video on your social media accounts or wherever you choose!

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