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Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)

After you purchase an SSL certificate, and activate the SSL credit, you may need to generate a certificate signing request (CSR) for the website's domain name (or "common name") before you can request the SSL certificate.

Note: If you're using an SSL certificate on the primary domain name of a GoDaddy shared hosting account, you do not need to generate a CSR; we take care of that for you.

How you generate a CSR depends on the type of certificate you're requesting and your operating system/control panel.

Type of Certificate Follow these instructions
Standard Assurance SSL certificate (most common) We can generate the CSR for you using the SSL Request Wizard.
Deluxe Assurance or Extended Validation SSL certificate You need to generate a CSR on your server before you can request an SSL certificate. Click your server type to see those instructions:

For other server types, see "more info" below.

Code/driver signing

Our certificates are compatible with all types of web servers, even if we do not have CSR instructions for them. Please contact your server documentation for further information on generating a CSR if you do not find the instructions that you need above.

Next step

After you create a CSR, you will need to request your certificate. How you request a certificate is dependent on the type of certificate you have:

Type Next step
Standard Assurance SSL certificate Request an SSL certificate (Standard Assurance)
Deluxe or Extended Validation certificates Request an SSL certificate (Deluxe or Extended Validation)
Code or Driver Signing certificates Request code or driver signing certificates

More info

Miscellaneous CSR instructions:

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