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Edit text in GoDaddy Studio

Step 4 of the Understand GoDaddy Studio and create a project series

Any text can be changed, duplicated, deleted or copied to your clipboard. Here we'll focus on how to edit an existing piece of text so that the font, style, color, and size are exactly what you want them to be.

  1. Open the project you want to work on.
  2. Tap the text you want to change.
  3. In the banner that appears, tap Edit.
  4. Using the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can now make changes to your text.
    • Change the font type (if you're a PRO customer this includes adding your own fonts)
    • Change the style (alignment, spacing, capitalisation and curve)
    • Change the color
    • Resize the text
    • Add a shadow to give depth and dimension
    • Change the opacity (how solid or see-through the text is)
    • Rotate the text
    • Nudge the text one pixel at a time to place it exactly where you want it
    • Use a mask to remove parts of the text
    • Blend the text with other elements in your project to create unique effects
  5. Tap the check mark in the top-right corner to apply your changes.

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