Creating Facebook pages in InstantPage

You can use the page designer in InstantPage® to create Facebook® pages. You add these pages to your Facebook account, most often as a promotional tool. Facebook pages are a way to display custom content. For example, you can create an About Us page displaying text and images on a profile you created for your business.

By using InstantPage to create Facebook pages, you get the convenience of a page designer, which lets you upload your content to the pages you activate in your Facebook account. You may add text and upload images from your computer with the page designer.

Facebook pages display on your Facebook profile and not on the website you created with InstantPage.

Note: To display Facebook pages live on the Internet, you must have a Facebook account and activate pages in Facebook. To get started, visit the Facebook website.

To Create Facebook Pages with InstantPage

  1. Log in to your InstantPage account by going to your InstantPage site and clicking Owner Login.
  2. From the Text tab, go to Promote Your Site, and then next to Facebook Page click Add.
  3. In the Page title section, enter a title for your Facebook page.
  4. In the Text section, enter text and images that you want displayed on your Facebook page.

    Note: You can only use custom background images uploaded to InstantPage for your Facebook page. For information on uploading images to InstantPage, see Managing the Background.

  5. Click OK, and then click the Facebook Authorization icon.
  6. Log in to your Facebook account.
  7. Click Allow.
  8. From the Select your Facebook Page menu, select the Facebook page you want to add to your Facebook profile.
  9. In the Tab name field, enter a name for the page to display on your Facebook profile.
  10. From the Audience menu, select the type of Facebook users you want to allow to view the page. For example, you can make the page visible only to Fans or Friends.
  11. From the Age group menu, select an age range for the Facebook users you want to allow to view the page.
  12. Click Add Page Tab.
  13. The Facebook Page displays on your Facebook profile.

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