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You have the choice of creating a single-page or multiple-page website. Single-page sites can display up to 10 sections, though having fewer sections enables visitors to see everything in a short scroll.

If your needs are more complex, you can create a multiple-page site (up to 50 pages). The navigation bar for multiple-page sites (desktop on top, mobile on bottom) shows links to all your pages so visitors can go right to the page they want.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help logging in?)
  2. Click Edit.
    Click Edit
  3. Click the Home menu in the upper left and click Add Page.
    Click home, then click add page
  4. Enter a Page title, click Show in Navigation bar if that's your intention, and click Create Page at the bottom of the section.
    Enter name, click create page

    Note: Keep your navigation bar simple with short page names that make plain what they contain.

  5. The new page displays but has no content, so click Add Section and see Add a section to begin adding content to your new page.
  6. Your changes are saved automatically so when you're finished, click Preview to see the results, and, if you like, buy a new domain or use another of your domains.
  7. When you're ready to make the changes public, click Publish Site (mobile phone) or Publish (desktop/tablet).

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