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Access the Auctions API

The Auctions API allows developers to interact with the GoDaddy system. Information on how to access and use the Auctions API is found in a few places.

Note: The Aftermarket API can only be used for closeouts at this time.
  1. Go to the Get Started page of the Developer Portal.
  2. Under Setup, follow the instructions to get access to the GoDaddy API.
  3. To view base URLS for the Auctions API, go to the Documentation: Aftermarket API page of the Developer Portal.
  4. Open your FTP client (we recommend FileZilla).
  5. Enter the following Auctions FTP site settings:
    PasswordLeave this field blank
  6. Connect to the FTP server.
  7. After you're connected to the FTP server, open the apidoc folder, and then download the AuctionsAPIRef pdf file.

The AuctionsAPIRef pdf contains additional information on how to use the Auctions API.

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