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Why choose GoDaddy?

The right domain name can set you up for future success. With more than 59 million domains under management, we have more experience and expertise than anyone. Don't leave it to chance. Go with the world's largest registrar.

Trust  More than 12 million customers count on us to help them find the right name and turn it into a one-of-a-kind digital identity.

Selection  We offer the widest selection of domains on the Web. There's no better place to find the name that's right for your business.

Support  Our award-winning domain experts are here 24/7 to help you any way they can. Call them anytime at 020 7084 1810.

What's included in the price of your domain:

  •  Simple domain set up – no technical skills required.
  •  Easy domain forwarding to any existing website.
  •  Up to 100 subdomains to customize your site.
  •  100 professional email aliases (e.g.
  •  Real time monitoring to keep you up and running.

GoDaddy is the one-stop shop for all you need to build your online presence and grow your business, from website builders to hosting solutions and more. Join us and grow with the world leader.



Finally, a web address that tells people exactly what you do.

Hundreds of new domains specific to you. See all our new domains

Keep your domain private, locked, and secure!

How much is privacy worth to you?

Did you know that anytime you register a domain, your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day? Your name. Your address. Your phone number. Your email. It's all published online for anyone to see, as mandated by ICANN. But you have the power to change this. With Private Registration…

  • Your domain is registered under the name Domains By Proxy, so its information is made public — not yours. See the difference
  • You retain full control of your domain. You can cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain, set up name servers for your domain and resolve disputes involving your domain.
  • You manage and control all email addressed to the domain, as well as the domain's contact information, with Domains By Proxy's patented registration and email handling systems.
  • You're still accountable for your actions. Don't even think about using a private registration to transmit spam, violate the law or engage in morally objectionable activities.

Learn how to add Privacy to my existing domains What does my domain look like without Privacy Protection?

Protect yourself from spam, scams, and prying eyes.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Let’s say your credit card expires and you forget to update your account with the new one. Or you change your email address. Or maybe you just forget to renew your domain. In the blink of an eye, a social engineer or someone close to you could transfer your domain name away without your permission.

When the domain name goes, your website, email account – everything – goes with it!**

But there is something you can do to protect yourself: Apply Protected Registration to your most important domain names.†† Should your registration expire for any reason, protected domains will be safe for up to 12 months. No one else can step in and steal them away from you.

Protected Registration is packed with the safeguards and security you need:

  • Expiration Protection avoids loss of domain ownership due to credit card expiration, failed billing, outdated contact information – even simple forgetfulness!
  • Deadbolt Transfer Protection makes it impossible for MOST transfers to occur – whether inadvertent, accidental or malicious.
  • Ownership Protection–Our quarterly email updates help you keep an eye on your domain status.

As a special bonus, Protected Registration includes both Private and Business Registration to keep your personal information hidden while publishing your business info in the WhoIs database!

Inspire trust with a Certified Domain validation seal.

Inspire trust with a Certified Domain validation seal.

Thanks to phishing, pharming, and a long list of other scams, Web visitors grow more wary by the day. But there is something you can do to reassure them you're one of the good guys: Put a Certified Domain validation seal on your website. View Sample Certification.

  • To acquire Certified Domain accreditation, you must undergo a credentials check that confirms the contact information provided with your domain registration.
  • Once the credentials have been authenticated, GoDaddy electronically issues a non-transferable Certified Domain seal that you can load to your website and WhoIs display. This process can generally be completed in 10 minutes, with the Certified Domain seal issued to your site within 1 business day.
  • The seal remains there until it expires or until a change in your domain contact information makes it necessary for you to reapply for accreditation.

Certified Domains do not include encryption for site data and transactions. See SSL Certificates

Your personal information is safe with us.

By having your domain registered with GoDaddy and your personal information protected by our affiliate company, Domains By Proxy®, you get two unique and powerful layers of security. In addition to your registrar account, you'll receive a separate account for managing your Private Registration, which can go a long way towards thwarting domain name hijackers.

You might not think your domain name is valuable, but it is. Domain name hijacking has increased exponentially in recent years, with thieves worldwide attempting to steal domains to facilitate scams, relay spam and fraudulent information, spread malware, and worse. Don't let this happen to you - keep your domain safe and secure with Private Registration.

Private Registration helps you:

  • Protect your identity
  • Stop domain-related spam
  • Block harassers and stalkers
  • End data mining
  • Maintain your personal and family privacy
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
  • Shield legitimate business endeavors

Your identity is nobody's business but ours.®

Domains By Proxy was launched in 2002 to address one of the biggest shortcomings of the Internet — loss of privacy. In fact, Domains By Proxy was the very first Internet WHOIS privacy service, and was created in direct response to consumer demand. Supported by a patented private registration process, Domains By Proxy believes that now, more than ever, you should be able to keep your personal contact information private when you register a domain name.

No one does domain names like GoDaddy.

A domain is your key to doing business around the world - right from your office, living room or even your couch. And finding the right name is as easy as a domain name search at GoDaddy. Just enter the domain you want in the search box and we'll give you the results, along with similar domains you may not have considered.

Most importantly, GoDaddy isn't just about domain names; it's a one-stop shop for anything you need to get online. From building your own website to attracting new customers to securing their data when they make a purchase, GoDaddy has you covered from the moment you decide you want to put your business on the Web.

From general to specialized names, our domain search delivers.

Your domain name is (arguably) the most important part of your online presence. Your website obviously has a huge impact on your success, but without a memorable domain, customers may have a hard time finding you or remembering how to get back to your site.

That's why we offer virtually every top-level domain on the Web. When you search for the perfect name, we'll include related domains in the results so you can get a better idea of all the options that are available, from standards like .COM and .NET to specialized domains like .BIZ, .ME and many others.

Domains are universal - and so are our payment options.

After seeing how easy it is to use our domain names search, you'll want a payment process that's just as simple. Lucky for you, we accept all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as debit cards, PayPal® and payment by check. You can even use our own payment system called GoodAsGold, which allows you to fund your GoDaddy account via wire transfer or by mailing a check or money order. And if you prefer to order over the phone instead of online, our customer care consultants are here to help, 24/7/365.

Award-winning service and support. All day. Every day.

While it's easy to search domain names on our website, sometimes there's just no substitute for talking to a real live person. Our award-winning customer care consultants are available via phone, email and the Web 24/7/365. There's always someone here to help, whether it's during your lunch break or when inspiration strikes at 2am Sunday morning.

Best of all, our in-house experts are trained to help with whatever you need, from choosing the right domain name to any technical issues you may have. Whether you're just getting started or you're already an online pro, we've got you covered.

Search domains with GoDaddy and find success online.

We earned our place as the world's leading domain name registrar by treating our customers right. And we back all of our products with our award-winning 24/7 service and support. If you ever have a question, our expert customer care consultants are ready and waiting to help. When you're ready to get your business online, GoDaddy simply can't be beat.

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