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Found money is the best money.

The value of a domain name is the price any person/entity/organization has to pay in order to purchase a name for their website. The costs can range from a one-digit number to 6- or 7-digit numbers, depending on the valuation factors. Your domain could be the name of the next big start-up or brand. But how do you find out what it’s worth? GoDaddy Domain Appraisals gives you the most accurate estimate available. Our exclusive algorithm combines machine learning with real-market sales data compiled from our 20 years of experience. After all, we manage millions of domains as the world’s largest domain registrar and we’re the largest aftermarket name seller, so we have experience in the field. You’ll even get back samples of comparable domains and their values to help you decide what step to take next.

And it's all free.

How does €1,961.68 sound?
That was the average sale price in 2017 for a domain at GoDaddy auctions. Ready for your piece of the action? Sign up for GoDaddy Auctions. You get access to our massive domains aftermarket, where you can buy and sell domains as often as you like. Plus, you get extras like our multi-bidding tool and access to our Daily Gems domain deals. With 82+ million domains under management, we know what success looks like for domain investors. Get started at GoDaddy Auctions today.
It’s like real estate, but without the mortgage.
Let’s say that your domain is like a chunk of land. Building a house on that property is like building a website on your domain. But even if you don’t start slinging timber around, your empty plot is still worth something, right? So is your domain. You might not be able to pour concrete on it, but your domain has real value — one that we determine thanks to years of experience. After all, we do manage 82+ million domains, and we’re the world’s largest domain registrar, so we have the data to back it up.
You’ve got your domain value.
Now what?

Well, that’s up to you. You can use your domain value to:

Buy a domain. You can get any domain appraised — even if you don’t own it. So if you’re interested in buying a domain, use our appraisal tool to find out what it’s worth, then use our Domain Broker Service to contact the buyer and make an offer.

Renew your domain. Treat your domain like an investment and hang on to it to see if the value goes even higher.

Sell your domain. No longer using your domain name? Now that you know what it’s worth, list it on our Auctions site and let others bid on it, or just sell it yourself.

The word on the streets.


  • What is domain appraisal?

    GoDaddy Domain Appraisals uses machine learning to accurately predict the value of a domain name. Using mass quantities of data and word tokenization, we’ve come up with a model that can assess a domain’s value. Simply put, the domain valuation tool removes a lot of the guesswork when it comes to predicting your domain’s value. Because our domain appraisal is performed most efficiently by focusing on the precise wording of a domain, it’s important to consider including pivotal SEO terms when you select a domain name.
  • How can I use GoDaddy domain appraisal?

    If your domain is on the cusp of expiring and you know you’re not interested in renewing it, consider selling it. You might be sitting on a gold mine. If you know you do want to renew it, knowing your domain worth can help contextualize your use of it. You might also consider selling if you had a business idea that went in another direction, so the domain itself isn’t relevant to your pursuits anymore. Knowing what it could be worth can help you sell it in the GoDaddy aftermarket.
  • Does GoDaddy appraise domains that are owned with other registrars?

    GoDaddy can appraise domain names from any other registrar, but we have the best accuracy with common, English language-based domains. 
  • Will GoDaddy appraise my entire domain portfolio?

    Yes,  GoDaddy will eventually have the resources to appraise entire domain portfolios. When you have a valuable domain name that you should renew, protect, or consider selling (if it has been inactive over time), we will let you know through My Domains and your GoDaddy account.
  • Does GoDaddy provide domain appraisals for developed websites?

    GoDaddy does not appraise developed websites, but we can provide a domain appraisal for any domain, regardless of any website attached to it. In short, we do not take the developed website into account, we only predict the sale price of the URL. To do this, we compare the domain worth to other historical domains sold where the sale price did not include the sale of the developed website.