Website speed is slow on mobile, should I change hosting?

Hey, I have a website related to leaf blowers:

I was checking my speed on google site speed testing tool. that is showing my website speed below 70% on mobile and most of the traffic is from mobile.  

what should I do I have tried every possible option. I am currently using NameCheap hosting. Will I be able to solve this issue if I move my website to GoDaddy WordPress hosting?


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An external check on the speed of your website shows that your site would do far better than it is now by scaling your images first to fit the website. This wouldn't force the mobile browser to have to scale them for the viewer, which is slowing the website down. You may wish to try that before jumping hosting providers. 


That said, if you purchased the GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting for one year, you'd be eligible for a refund if you cancelled within 30 days. You could set it up on a subdomain (such as and run the sites concurrently to compare. There are a number of great benefits to the GoDaddy managed plan that you can review in the link above.



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