Hey @Adrian8,


Moved this discussion from our Community Suggestions since this is more related to Web Hosting. 


Although an interesting suggestion for implementing some server side functions, I know from many of the administrator and developer's viewpoints there will be some cause for concerns since this a Shared Hosting environment we're talking about. As such, any kind of server side update is going to affect the entire environment for all users and could cause more problems in stopping legitimate traffic or even access for some users using the same server from a location you're attempting to block.


With that said, I did pass along your feedback for consideration in that this might spark some internal discussions on other alternatives to provide a similar functionality in future updates to be planned. Till then, I understand it might be possible to script in a solution utilizing curl to a list file that Tor provides here to also be utilized within your .htaccess file. 


I'm going to send you a private message with the specific script example that was suggested from one of our developers. 


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