SSH Access Unclear?

I'm trying to get SSH access set up.  I have a Linux hosting plan but trying to connect from a Windows box.  I tried to figured it out on my own: first I just tried to use Putty to connect to my domain over port 22.  I was prompted for creds, supplied my GoDaddy creds, and got Access Denied.  


So after finding, cPanel > SSH Access, I clicked on it and it 'enabled' it (even though the SSH listener was already running on my server apparently), I generated a pair of SSH keys, activated them, and downloaded the public key.  I then tried to use Putty to target the .pub file but it wanted only PPKs (Putty generated key pairs).  


So I looked up this article: which seemed to indicate that what I tried the very first time should've worked.  Ultimately I need to hunt around my server for my SMTP relay logs but step 1 is to figure out how to SSH into my server!  LoL.  Any help would be appreciated.