Quick Shopping Cart Error When Customer puts Apostrophe

I called into to Customer Support on November 13, 2018 to report my customers were receiving an error message when try to checkout on the Quick Shopping Cart.  When the customer enter their business name with an Apostrophe, the error occurs.  GoDaddy was able to recreate the problem with ease and said this would be bumped up to programmers for repair.  I called again in December and was told the error has been reported by several customers and would be repaired shortly.  Received another call this morning form a customer who orders regularly to tell me he received the error and was not able to check out.  This has been almost 2 months since I originally reported the problem and it's not being addressed. Makes me wonder how many orders I am missing, how many customers are not calling in? I am paying for a fully functional shopping cart and that's what I expect to receive.  Does anyone know where I can get this issue resolved?  Call the normal channel support people is getting me nowhere.