Webmail working fine - but cannot receive email on outlook 2016



I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my emails so I hope someone here can help! Basically, I can view emails perfectly fine on GoDaddy webmail, but nothing is hitting my inbox on Outlook?! I've set everything up correct as far as I can see, but for some reason nothing is hitting my outlook inbox.


The email address was free with a domain I had, but not sure that would make a difference because it's been working fine for years.


Thanks in advance.


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Hello 🙂

Please check this guide about outlook 2016:
Click Here


If that doesn't work please try these settings:

Without SSL
Incoming Port IMAP - 143
POP - 110
Outgoing (SMTP) port One of the following: 25, or 80,  or 3535
With SSL
Incoming Port IMAP - 993
POP - 995
Outgoing (SMTP) port 465


If these settings don't solve your issue please click test in your outlook and send a screenshot of your connection error from outlook.




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My experience with Outlook is that - over the last decade - it worked twice. I try to avoid it.  Also, it's good at deleting everything in your maibox - without your permission.