GoDaddy changing my email plan

So, GoDaddy decides to end POP3 hosting and start charging for email. They send an email telling me this, but it contains a click-through and my malware program pings it as phishing. I ignore it, since I think it's malicious. Besides, would GoDaddy suddenly decide to start charging for a service that was free before? That's crazy talk.

Without further notice, my email stops working. Since this is my major email for my business, a lot of chaos ensues. I call, and get snarky "well, we sent you notice..." Yeah, well, sending me notice that you're going to rip me off doesn't change the fact that you're ripping me off.

So I paid the ransom, what choice did I have? But GoDaddy wasn't done taking up my work time to make their lives more convenient. Now I'm being told that I can't use my current email client (Thunderbird) and that I have to buy a Microsoft product (Outlook) that I don't want. I don't need MS adds and spam all over my machine. 

Nice work, GoDaddy. You've cost me hours of work so I can pay you more. That does not engender warm feelings from this long-term customer, to put it mildly.