Stop GoDaddy email from synchronizing with MS Outlook 2016

I just had to reinstall Outlook 2016 due to a .PST issue. Problem resolved and the only issue that I have now is that GoDaddy email account is synchronizing with my Outlook 2016 program. I logged into my GoDaddy mail account and noticed that all the folders that appear on my Outlook email are now on the GoDaddy email account. I noticed that when I delete a file in Outlook, at the bottom of the screen, a bar comes up that says "Synchronizing..." and when I look on GoDaddy that file or folder was removed.


I do not want Outlook and GoDaddy to be Synchronizing. I set Outlook to only keep the email on the GoDaddy site for 5 days and then they are deleted. Any ideas how I can stop the Synchronizing?