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I have a domain name registered in GoDaddy that's pointing to a PairNetworks server.


I need to point that domain to a Shopify store. But the problem is that shopify doesn't provide email management. So I have to set up emails in my GoDaddy domain account.


I only purchased my domain and no other service. But I noticed that I have credits that I can use for email accounts.


I understand that I can have one Mailbox and about 100 forwardings. That's fine so far. But I can't find any information about the duration of those credits.  Are the mailbox and forwarding addresses free forever, or do they expire after a year, and then I have to start paying a mail service account?


No matter how or what I asked, I couldn't get a straight answer from support. The rep even added products to my shopping cart and offered to renew an unrelated domain name that was set up as autorenew. But failed to answer my question.


So, again, is the mailbox and forwarding addresses created with the credits, free forever, or do they expire at some point?





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I have an email credit that I obtained for the purchase of a domain in godaddy, it has been configured since 2015 but I do not use it, and now that I check I see that it is still active and I can access it via webmail.


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If you have free email credits in your account, they will be free as long as the domain that provided them remains in the account. If the domain expires, the free credits expire. If the domain is removed, the free credits are removed. 


Here's the exception... the free email forwarding credits will always remain free with an existing domain. However, free email boxes are being phased out of GoDaddy accounts. They are no longer provided with a domain purchase. If you have used the email, you may eventually be asked to move to a paid email account. So we don't want to say "forever", but you will receive a notice before any action is taken.



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