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I recently purchased a domain from another party, transfered it into my GoDaddy account, and it's not letting me make any DNS changes?  Is the domain "locked up" for a period of time before I can change the DNS to GoDaddy servers?  Domain in question is: - you'll see the DNS is that of the previous owner.   When I manage other domains, there is a blue "change" box next to the server names, but on the new domain, no box, no option to make changes.  Just wondering if this is normal, if there is a time limit, if there is a hold for an email verificaiton?  Anything?


If you do not already have DNS records on the Godaddy account when you transfer a domain it will leave the current nameservers pointing to the other party. This allows you control over changing the dns records when you wish to vs. it happening all of a sudden when the transfer completes. Go into the DNS manager and change the nameservers to "default" if you wish to manage your DNS on that Godaddy account. Keep in mind you will be given default dns records and will need to update them for your website and email. Hope that helps!

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