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where is the specific to upload my php scripts to cpanel hosting.

where do i specific upload my php scripts to cpanel? where i must upload my php files. where do i put my sql files. where do i upload the folders for the database of my files. where do i ?

my website now can be view but the functionality of my website isn't working. how do i suppose to manage this things i'm just a new developer and this is my first project. i just know codings but i only obey the directions you giving how to upload files. so i'm just asking the question what is the specific to upload my php and sql files. it only says i must upload the files that will be view in my  browser. so i put all my php files in the public html


Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: where is the specific to upload my php scripts to cpanel hosting.

Hi @netwire2017,

You must upload your files in the public_html/ directory. You can either use the file manager or use any ftp client you want.

You import your sql files in phpMyAdmin. I guess you can also use the 'mysql' command from the SSH shell.


Hope it helps!


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Re: where is the specific to upload my php scripts to cpanel hosting.

Hey Netwire 2017!
First of all it is important to upload all your files to public_html directory
I recommend you to create different folders for different type of files like(You may change their name as you like):
img- for all your images
js- for javascript files
php- for php files
css- for cascading style sheets
Ot any other short description of the files that the folder will contain.
An example for the second part of your question is:
Suppose you have an image in your
directory, then to display it in you homepage you should use:
<img src="/img/img.png">
tag in your index.htm file where you want to diaplay it.
The same is with the other types of files; you must not forget to use the following format:
<tag src="/folder/file.type">
Thanx for asking questions. If this works for you, please accept it as the solution!!
Thank you!