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Site Backup Connection Failed Not Restoring From Backup

I updated some Wordpress plugins and ended up breaking part of my themes custom CSS. I want to restore to one of my backups via Site Backup on Godaddy but it's giving me the following error when I try to restore. 

I've never gotten this before. Any ideas on how to fix this? 
We are sorry, an error occurred during your restore.
Connection Failed:
Login failure
When I click View Log I get the following error: 
28 Oct, 2018 13:11Status code: 331
28 Oct, 2018 13:11530 Login authentication failed
28 Oct, 2018 13:11Status code: 530
28 Oct, 2018 13:11TCP connection cleanly closed by peer.
28 Oct, 2018 13:11Cleanly terminated TCP connection.
Community Manager

Hi @cokedev. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure, but this looks like the FTP/Database connection between the backup service and your hosting plan has somehow been disconnected. I don't think there's anything you'd be able to change to fix this if it's still happening. If it is, I'd recommend connecting with our support team so they can have a look. Sorry Man Sad


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