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Not able to take a backup of database

I have a website and its database user access has been limited by Godaddy.


Upon calling their customer support for 5 times and talking to them for 5 hours I got nothing fruitful out of it.


Finally I got hold of one of my friends who works in Godaddy and he somehow managed to get the core team involved.


They emailed me that due to server loads on shared server they have restricted my database access.


Now problem is that... there is no way for me to even get a backup of my database. 😞 I want to fix it or move to another higher configuration server but without a backup I am not able to do so.


My site is down from 1.5 months 😞


Any suggestions on how to tell them to just generate a .SQL backup for me would be great.



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Hi @KeralPatel,


Would you like to know the easy way or the hard way?

Easy? Ok, what you should ask support (not me or anyone here) to upgrade and transfer your data. Point out very much that you also need your database in it's entirety also moved over.


Now support are going to tell you that that's ok or not....... but the responsibility for all backups rests ultimately with you. So it is possible that that database data is not accessible for whatever reason. I don't know because I am not privy to some missing detail (I feel) here..........................

Take it up with support.



aka @rammsteinium