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How To Add Multiple Domains To A Deluxe Linux Hosting Account - Tutorial

brewdeal writes, “I have several registered domains, and a single Deluxe Linux Hosting account that can handle up to 25 databases. How do I set up, for example, a WordPress site for a 2nd and 3rd domain through the master Deluxe hosting account?


I've tried creating an Addon domain, but I don't see the domain names listed in my hosting section.”


Oslinux writes, First you will need to Add addon domains to host multiple websites Once the Domains have been added you can Install WordPress on your Linux-hosted domain using cPanel. During the install you will be able to select any of your Domains that have been added to your account or any subdomain you have created. During the install you can choose to setup the database information automatically or manually and you will be able to use the same database for all of your wordpress sites. Make sure if using 1 database each wordpress install has its own prefix.”

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