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Files overwritten without anyone doing anything

Recently I had a website built


For a few days i didn't check it as i was on vacation and when i went to use it the front of the website seems to load some wordpress setup. The admin side of things still works fine without any problems.


I went ahead to ask my developer what could of happened and all the said that some files were overwritten. 


This is how it should look like,


But now i get the wordpress setup.


I need to know what could of caused this and if its possible to get a backup from godaddy if i contact them.



Community Manager

Hi @davidpajda. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


It looks like either a new WordPress install has been initiated in your hosting account or if you previously had WordPress, your database was removed.  No one here on the forums would have access to your hosting account to be able to confirm what happened. For any account specific reviews, I'd suggest getting in contact with our customer care team. We do have the ability to restore content, though this would involve paying a restore fee. Hope that helps. 


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