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FTP login for Add on domain

How do i login FTP for Add on domain ? I have domain eg; Main domain and I added add on domain with ftp username and password. but while I am trying to signin by File Zilla for Add On domain only.. and it is not working. how to sign in?
Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: FTP login for Add on domain

Hi @cniraula, as far as I know, you can only create FTP accounts @yourprimarydomain. So if you want to have an account for 2345, it will have to be:


In order to do that, follow this steps:

  1. Login to your cpanel account
  2. Go to FTP accounts
  3. Create one FTP account for your addon domain, setting the correct root directory for the account.

Now you can login using your favorite FTP client.


Hope it helps!

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