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Cpanel still not done setting up

Hi, I bought the Deluxe Linux cPanel Hosting yesterday and did a setup using my domain. Previously setting up one is instantaneous, but now I received a message that they would email me if the process is complete. Back in my products the cPanel button still says 'setup' instead of 'pending' or something that will indicate that it's still in the process. So I tried to setup a couple times again and same message is showing up. Is this normal? if so, how long? it's been 24 hours. I appreciate your help, thanks!

Helper VI

Hi @cuttingedge2017, that's odd.

However, since this is an account-specific issue, you should contact support in order to receive proper help.

Here at the community we can't help you with that, since we are users just like you trying to help out others.


Hope it helps!

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