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CPanel and False Advertising

I am a BIG fan of Godaddy. I have put many clients on Godaddy. Your support is tremendous as are your tools. So I have a right to say this. Godaddy has removed a feature from CPanel that is supposed to come with CPanel. This is not fair or ethical. When I sign up to use CPanel, I expect to get the whole feature set. I want to encourage everyone to object to the removal of the "Let's Encrypt" feature under "Security". Put it back, Godaddy! Most hosting companies offer it. It is part of the "expected" product that I am paying for. It is bad enough that Google has arbitrarily demanded that everyone use SSL. You are taking unfair advantage of customers by excluding this feature. You hosting prices are already slightly higher than others. Be fair! Be ethical.


Hello @aquajazz!


Thank you for posting. We appreciate your feedback and will pass this along to those who make the decisions here. 


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I use Cloudflare which is free. I agree with you though, that seems to be on purpose.

Perhaps I was a little harsh with GD, but when companies make rules to protect themselves and pass a hefty cost onto us, I get pissed. Same happens a lot with insurance companies and banks. Then they had the nerve to block my chance to save that money. That's just greedy.

You can use Let Encrypt anyway, Im using on shared hosting (work perfecly), and with a custom pl script all of them are created, installed and renewed automatically.


Anyways, yes, GD could add the feature for a more friendly point of view.



Ditto. I have 2 sites that are very low budget. I cannot afford SSL for the low traffic but should get it included by GoDaddy. GD - do the right thing.

There are instructions here (but I haven't tried it yet):