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Automatic Plan Migration

I just had a bazaar experience with Godaddy. I have been using hosting companies since the '90s and have never heard of this until I started a web hosting account three months ago. I was checking to see why my websites were running so slow ( I have the Maximum plan)  and was discussing the issue on chat support. 

 The support person made a comment "It takes time", which made no sense and posted a link for me to follow. (This is what they're there for is to post links don't ya know 😉

When I clicked on the link I saw my account was in the middle of a migration that I knew nothing about! They are fixing the issue of course but they said that "Sometimes it happens" In over 20 years of dealing with hosting companies has anyone ever heard of that? 

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It is kind of luck of the draw with shared hosting.  There's a balancing act of making sure neighbors play well with each other so everyone can get the optimum experience, though occasionally it doesn't go as planned.  If you look at the bright side it sounds like they detected a problem and are acting on fixing it, though it's unfortunate how you found out about it.

Don't know what it has to do with playing well with others and the luck of the draw but if it were not for me it would have gone undetected. This just doesn't happen and  is not the luck of the draw There's more behind this in my opinion because I was discussing this so-called upgrade to the Launch-Business plan with the chat rep and then it mysteriously upgraded "all by itself" This is something that doesn't "just happen"

Shared hosting means the server resources are shared between multiple web hosting accounts.  So that means occasionally there would be some issue from neighbors which would need to be worked out, this can happen with any host.


Though now I am not sure what is going on in your case with the information provided and these additional details.  An upgrade to Business Hosting has the specified resources allocated to you, it would no longer be shared.  For Launch-Business it would be 1 CPU core and 2 GB ram.

Yes I understand what it is but your chastised to 40GB of disk space which
is no good for hosting websites. I had 26 GB of used disk and when it
migrated it put me at 66% disk space and shut my sites down to a crawl.
That's no good at all when you have five sites and two in the works. The
Launch-Business is in no way a hosting platform.
That little diddy about 60GB is not true at all When in reality it's only
40GB of disk storage, I was there and saw it myself. There's no way
possible that this could qualify as a hosting account. A couple of websites
maybe but not a website hosting platform.

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@GuessWhat   The Launch-Business plans are the entry level of having your own CPU and RAM allocation.  You can upgrade plans to get more resources.

The ROI would not justify the expense in my opinion especially when dealing with the aggravation and the risk. And just to add to this escapade half of the DNS records had to be edited which put a few of the sites back in limbo again Nice aye?  Oh on top of that I completely lost a website altogether it just disappeared and ended up in another Godaddy account. There is no way you can convince me that that business tier of hosting is good for more than 10 sites based on the terms of service especially when the SSL is double if not triple of the monthly fee for the hosting. 

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Hi @GuessWhat. Thanks for taking the time to share your issue here. I wanted to try to add some clarity to what you've shared. There are a few pieces to this that I'll try to explain. 


First, I'm sure that what happened with your account was unintended. There is an issue that our dev team is aware of in which an upgrade to a similarly priced product can happen if the upgrade button is pressed in the account. What sometimes happens on interactions with our care team is that the agent will place a potential sale item in the customer's cart, so they can then show the customer how much said item costs. I'm guessing that this is what happened in your case, and the agent was unaware of the upgrade issue I mentioned above. Instead of offering you the upgrade, they unintentionally triggered it because the system didn't need to process a charge. I will forward this issue on for review so the agent involved can receive any necessary training. Very sorry this happened for you. 


Next, I'd like to add a few points on Business Hosting plans and cPanel Hosting plans.


cPanel Hosting

A cPanel Hosting plan is what's commonly referred to as a shared hosting plan (like @Nate mentioned). With this type of plan, you share the servers resources with other customers in various ways. However, other parts of the resources are walled of specific to your account. The RAM and processor you have on a cPanel hosting plan should never be taken up by another customer (this did happen on our older Web Hosting plans though). If a customer exceeds their RAM or processor usage on a cPanel Hosting plan, the system automatically disables that activity.


Since hard drive space for all but the lowest tier of a cPanel hosting plan is unlimited, hard drive space is shared between all customers on the server. If someone uses so much hard drive space that it causes problems for other customers, our system admins take action. 


Also, on a cPanel Hosting plan, the RAM, hard drive space, and processing that is needed to run the server operating system and supporting software (MySQL and others) is not counted against the individual customer account.


Business Hosting

This is between a shared hosting plan like the above and a VPS. The biggest difference between a cPanel Hosting plan and a Business Hosting plan is how the server resources are allocated. For a Business hosting plan, all of that plans resources are yours and completely walled off from other customers on the same server. The plan also comes with a dedicated IP address. This makes it an overall more stable environment, because your account is the only thing on it.


However, it's important to note that on a Business Hosting plan all resources required to run the server are taken from your allocated resources. For example, if you had a 60GB hard drive and the system operating system requires 20GB, you then have access to 40GB. In some ways this can be good because if there are any resource difficulties that arise, you will know for sure that it's something in your content that is causing them and not another customer on the server. 


I hope this helps in some way. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Thank you for the information @JesseW and I always believed it was human error but
the issues are still an ongoing mess even after the DNS fiasco. I still
have a missing website

As far as the Launch-Business hosting which is nearly $300 less than what I
paid for the Maximum The completed migration showed 26 GB at the throttled
40% = 66% usage of HD, 100% I/O and 76% CPU with no activity on my sites.
So now I am to believe there is something wrong with my content?

And what about my missing website?

Arthur Morehead
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@GuessWhat - What I should have said is if the product is equal to or lower in price, the upgrade will process without requiring a purchase. Sorry for the confusion there. 


As for usage and your content, as I mentioned, the usage will show what's taken up by the overall system software as well as your content. I'm not sure what those typically take up but any usage on a Business Hosting account would be a combination of those two things. 


As for your website and overall issue, I have passed it on internally. I will do my best to get someone in contact with you but that in itself is something outside of my control. Sorry. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Thank you for your help, This may sound like an ignorant question to the
pros but I have read and seen YT videos about moving websites and it is a
good idea to delete the backup from where your files were restored to. Of
course I have my own backups of each site on an external drive.

Arthur Morehead
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Hey Guess What My plan is getting migrated again to Launch-Business What the heck is Godaddy doing over there!!!!!!!!!