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    Help shape GoDaddy’s next VPS product!

    GoDaddy depends on feedback from customers to help us deliver products that meet your needs.  This is your opportunity to help shape the next generation of our VPS product by participating in a free trial beta program.

    Here are a few things to know:

      • This is beta version. Expect to find some bugs and “not quite complete” features.
      • Your feedback is valuable!  Submit bugs, things you find confusing, and ideas for improvement on the feedback form that we will send you after you sign up.
      • You’ll need a GoDaddy customer number in order to participate. If you don’t have one already, Click here to set one up.
      • Once the free trial has ended, you will no longer have access to the VPS.
      • As a token of our thanks, we will award a $25 Amazon Gift card for beta testers who provide actionable feedback on the product.


    • The free trial beta period runs from December 1st to Jan 31st



    Let us know what you think by signing up for the VPS free trial BETA program.


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