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    .Net using paypal api


    I am currently having a delux windows hosting.  I am creating a web page to use paypal api in .net to accept donation.  It works perfectly when it is in my test environment.  However, after I uploaded to godaddy, it always give me an error : "Invalid HTTP response: The request aborted : could not create SSL/TLS secure channel ".  Does anyone of you know why?


    You can look at http://billythai.com/donation/paymentwithcreditcard







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    Re: .Net using paypal api

    I found that adding

    ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12

    solved the ssl issues in .net.



    Re: .Net using paypal api

    Hey @kenneth520,

    I noticed the site itself doesn't look like it's using an active SSL certificate. Are any of your scripts referring to an "https" URL? Cause without an SSL, that might be one of the issues you're having.

    Perhaps another member has some more feedback they can offer that will help?


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