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Wordpress Sites Incredibly Slow

This seems to be hit or miss, depending on what day it is.  Sometimes they run fine, but most days, like right now, they are so slow that I cannot edit the sites because they time out.  It is not my ISP, as everything else I go to on the web is fast as always.  Even the GoDaddy site is fast.  It's just my Wordpress sites.  I tried support but chat never loads and the person on the phone couldn't find anything wrong with the "system" whatever that is.  I have the 5-site plan so I guess it's shared hosting.  Don't need my own server right now.  Any ideas?

Super User II



Did you run anything 3rd party tests, like GTMetrix or WebPageTest?  Those would give you clues as to the issues per website -- including if the hosting server is lagging in response.


Managed WordPress hosting can still be "shared."  And there are times where sites on the same server -- yours or others -- can impact all the sites on the server.


With that said, it could be your sites as well. However, until you look at each site's metrics individually and eliminate any site-specific issues, you won't know for sure that it is hosting alone. 


HTH! 😉

"Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

Thanks.  Those two sites show a pretty decent score, fast even.  When I click links within the site, or within the WP admin, it takes at least 10 seconds for anything to happen.  I've tested my connection, and like I said every other website I go to - including GoDaddy itself - all run as expected for a 1gb connection.  So I will try to contact support I suppose.  



Good to hear about the metrics! 😉  Then it could be hosting. 


Here are some other things to check:

  • Check that your PHP version is current 7.4.X
  • Check your WordPress memory limit (256K).
  • Check for resource-heavy plugins with Query Monitor.
  • Try cleaning up your database.

These are some of the culprits that make your admin slow.  HTH! 😉


"Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

Thanks.  It isn't just when I'm in the admin.  If I type in any of these 5 domains as if I am just a random web user, it takes a good 10+ seconds for the domain to resolve and load the front page.  Seems like a server/hosting issues. 


Yes, the PHP is version 7.3 something, which is what GoDaddy installed.  Apparently, they don't even install the newest PHP.  All five of these were created and installed in the last month.  


I will also look at the memory and database issues.  I have barely started design on these sites, so there is almost no content or anything.  The sites should be flying there is so little.