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Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Hello community,

I recently started using Godaddy's managed wordpress, but I cannot find the page builder. When I hover over each page in the list, it shows all the options (trash, edit, view, etc.), but not the page builder. I have gone through the setup wizard, and I do have the other plugins installed, but it is nowhere to be found. When I click "Introduction to Customizer and Page Builder" in "Show Me How", it tells me to click "Page Builder", but there's no corresponding button, either. 

Does anyone have suggestions for how to fix this?

Thank you,



Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Hello again,

I've found a page builder plugin by Beaver Builder. Is this the same as the original one (the one that was supposed to be installed by the wizard)?

Thank you,


Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Sorry for the constant posts, but I'm starting to figure some things out and run into more problems. 

I have the Beaver Builder Booster installed already, so I tried installing the Beaver Builder, but it tells me that the folder already exists. I think it's because of the Booster, but I am afraid to delete it because it cannot be downloaded through Wordpress' plugin search. 

Does anyone have any ideas for how to bypass this and install the Builder?

Thank you,



Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Hi nerdwarrior,


I have the same issue.


Page Builder disappeared.


Beaver Builder Booster plugin appeared.. I deleted that.


I called GoDaddy, who did not want to help.. disappointing.


Am going to try and installthe normal Beaver Builder now.


Please let me know if you found a solution.

Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

I just installed the plugin last night and the page builder didn't install. Called GoDaddy also and one person was very helpful and two others weren't. GoDaddy customer service is really hit or miss, but I can't figure the out how to get the default page builder either.

Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Same problem! Did you find the solution? Godaddy are saying to contact Beaver Builder but you can't because you have to have an account with them!


Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Page builder is available to download in the WP Admin dash. What happens is when you search for new plugin and use theis term: "Page Builder: Live Composer"

Install this downloadable plugin:

Page Builder: Live Composer – drag and

drop website builder (visual front end site


Front-end page builder for WordPress with drag and drop editing. Build PRO responsive websites and landing pages. Visually customize any page element.

By Live Composer Team


This will install the page builder




Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Hi @awesomsauce-um, I downloaded the live composer plugin like you suggested, but can't figure out how to get the reseller to function on it....any advice?


Re: Wordpress Page Builder Gone

Not only do I not have WP Page Builder, but I can't add Plugins. I keep getting an error message that it can't connect to the server, although, I *believe* I am entering the correct credentials. I did go to the GoDaddy site to get my host name (assuming it's not and it says that for Managed WordPress there is no access to a control panel.  ???? I am not Hhtml savvy, and am lost trying to navigate past this road block. How do i find out the host address for my GoDaddy/WP account??