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Wordpress Installing Through Installatron But No Install On Domain

I added an addon domain and installed wordpress through installatron. It installs and gives the links to wp-admin - but when I click on the link it goes to "problem loading page". It gives me this link in the browser bar:


When I go to the website address, there is no sign of wordpress being installed and it still shows the default parked domain page (from namecheap) even after updating the nameservers.



Any help would be appreciated!


When did you perform the install / test after changing the nameservers? Those kinds of DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to take affect, so I would recommend giving it a try after some time and see what happens still.


If it's bringing you to a parked page, it definitely seems to be some kind of DNS problem. Let us know if you're still having the issue!

Ok, now after adding an addon domain my main domain is not working and I'm afraid I've lost all the content on the website that I spent weeks working on.It gives me a 403 forbidden page when I go to the website address.


GoDaddy as no email support and no live chat for emergencies like this... what a joke! Is there anyone that can look into this?! Because I can't figure it out...



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It sounds like your primary domain is missing the index file. You can see the list of applicable index files here:

If your primary domains directory doesn't have one of those files, you'll get a 403 forbidden error.


Check that out and make sure its there.

Should the index file be in the file File Manager? In the domain folder there is subfolder called "cgi-bin" but nothing else.

Yes. All of your files will show up in the public_html directory, and if its for an addon domain it will show up in that addon domains specified folder. If all you're seeing is cgi-bin, your content may have been erased. I would recommend calling us up to see if we can locate your lost files.

I don't see how it could have been erased if all I did was try and install an addon domain. I'm also unable to call because I'm not from the United States. Is there any way I can add the index file back even if it means losing all of content?

I have the same problem, after Installing via Installatron, If I go to wp-admin, it shows nothing. Even if re-install, delete the deleteme link, no luck. What's worst?, no immediate support, Manila phone number is not answering even if it's ringing (working hours and working days). No email and chat support. I would like a refund because I am not getting the award-winning support like what you are advertising. Please!. Don't tell me to call to refund because I can't get through, you may call me instead.