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Wordpress Feed doesn’t work

Feed on my site doesn’t work

I tried switching to twenty ten theme with disabling all the plugins. It didn’t work.

Feed validator says:
This feed does not validate.
line 1, column 0: XML parsing error: :1:0: no element found

Basically I have an empty feed. What can I do to resolve it?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Wordpress Feed doesn’t work

Hey @vladimirfo,

Looks like you're still having issues! When I clicked on your link, it shows all of your code. Ouch! Here's a couple of articles that I hope will be helpful to you to get this fixed.


Would be great if you come back and share how you get it fixed so other community members who might have the same issue in the future, see's what you did. 


Thanks much!