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WordPress taking FOREVER to install


I've seen this question cropping up, but with very little help in response.

WordPress has been trying to install for almost an hour, with the 'processing' symbol going round and round at the bottom of the screen. There's no way to stop it.. do I just have to wait ages until it installs? How old will I be when it finishes installing? Have I made a mistake purchasing this domain and hosting package from GoDaddy?! Smiley Frustrated

The other page I have open for GoDaddy now reads an error message of 'Auth Invalid - There seems to be a discrepancy with your authentication, please wait while we investigate'. But obviously nothing is happening. I'm just sitting staring at my computer and it's really frustrating.



Getting Started

Same thing happened to me and while it was still "loading" I got an email saying that it had been completed so I would go ahead and check your email. 🙂

The Content Pro's

I just got the hosting.  Mine will not even let me click "install" I already had the domain clicked, then to where you start on creating a new website, then the button for install with new username and password is not a pushbutton, so can do nothing. Wth !

I have same issue too.

I got no email or anything like that, and the installing phase keeps going!