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Website keeps going down.

One of the wordpress website I manage on a godaddy wordpress managed hosting keeps going down at randomly, and comes back up again itself. I have been pulling my hair, and spending countless hours on godaddy support trying to figure out why.


Here is the address to the website.


Following is the error I get. Please help.






Also getting the following error.go-daddy-error.PNG

Incredibly Frustrating. First reported this was an intermittent problem to be told there isn't a problem. Today site goes down completely and first thing I am told is it could be my end. Eventually they agree it is a problem and say it will be fixed soon (about 3 hours ago now), finally see my backend is live and site is up but only the front page and every other one is a 404 with the same message you are getting.

Oh my gosh! I am going through the same thing. They say they "fixed" it and then send me emails that it is my problem. So frustrating!

So frustrating. They promised me an e-mail once my site was live (talking about you Frederick R), that was Friday, now Monday and never even got that basic courtesy. Also he told me I wasn't able to change servers unless I purchased a new plan even though they finally admitted the problem was with their server. To top it off I have just checked and they have actually moved me from a US to European server without either informing me or asking if that is what I want to do, which for the record I want to be on a US server as that is where the bulk of my visits come from. Looks like I will be wasting another couple of hours on their chat again...

If  you keep refreshing the page when the website is down, the following error will come up, showing you "Error establishing a database connection" This means the website crashed, and it was restarted and you have refreshed the page in midst of the restart.


I called godaddy support immediately. the representative said it was a browser issue.


Even I know that this can not possibly be a browser issue.



This issue is still not resolved. The website went down a moment ago, and came back up itself in 20 minutes.