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How do I backup my whole website?

Hi community.


I ain't no website developer. I am an artist and I am the owner of a website. I had a website developer who built my WordPress website but we had to part ways. Now I'm about to hire someone else but before I give him access I would like to learn how to back up of my coding, credentials, link URLs, etc so that if someone tries to be "a bad person" and destroyed my website I have backup to restore it without losing the work. I have this fear that for some reason that could happen so you never know.


I am good with dealing with settings in general, but I am not a website developer. My goal is to totally backup my website. I really appreciate if someone wrote the steps to do that myself and told me everything I need to know about that on how this is possible and at what extend.


I would really appreciate it. I hope you're having a great day.



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Re: How do I backup my whole website?

Hey there @evmaintenance,


First, standard industry practice is to maintain 3 separate backups. You may think that's overkill, but I've seen circumstances where none of the backups were viable, so it is important.


1st Backup: Should be done locally. There are a lot of ways to do this, but this blog gives you some good paths to take.

2nd Backup: Store one on the cloud. Whether you use Google Drive, OneDrive, or some other cloud based storage, use your control panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc.) to automatically run a backup and store it there.

3rd Backup: Use a service like GoDaddy's Website Backup. The benefit to this is that it can be your primary backup and has an easy, one-click restore feature. There are others out there but this one perfectly meshes with GoDaddy hosting. 


Should anything go wrong, it's highly doubtful that all three backups will be destroyed. 

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Re: How do I backup my whole website?

Hi. Thanks so much. BUT your explanation is too generalized; I went to the CPanel myself only tog get confused. You are suggesting that as if I knew my way around the CPanel that well. That is a plugin, I don't even know how the web designer linked the CPanel with Wordpress. That is still too technical to me unless there's a detailed step by step explanation. I need a STEP BY STEP way to do this. If nobody wants to bother I understand.


Re: How do I backup my whole website?

As Mr. Vapor wrote, this is your best choice: Godaddy Website Protection.

It works, and the "essential" choice is as cheap as dirt for the peace-of-mind it give you.

Order it, find it in your Godaddy dashboard, and come back here for tips how to use it. I hope you never have to use it!

I have it as a feature of my Godaddy hosting and website development plan. I am an artist, like you, and I lost the technology race about 20 years ago. I can upload blog posts and product images. Anything more difficult is a Pro services job.

Any yes, your suspicions about unscrupulous guest developers are justified. It happened to me.