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Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

My website has Contact Forms 7 plugin, and all has been working well until a few days ago. All email notifications stopped (I did all email checks to make certain the notification wasn't getting lost in a filter, etc). The form has still been submitted - I can see it in the db - but it's very inconvenient because I don't know when a contact form has been filled out. These are inquiries I need to run my business. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas why this suddenly stopped?



My email is hosted through GoDaddy. I do not have Office 365.  


I attempted to install Postman SMTP as it works well on my other (non-GD) sites, but it is requiring me to get a Mandrill API to complete the diagnostic testing, and I don't have a Mandrill account, nor do I want to sign up for one.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Helper III
Helper III

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

You seem to be knowledgeable if you're checking into the db table, but it could be a programming issue with your Wordpress plugins. Check your settings on the Contact Form 7 plugin. If things still don't work, try testing sending emails on another plugin like Jetpack. You could also try sending emails to another one of your emails on a different SMTP server.


Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

The settings on Contact Form 7 seem ok... and I tried setting it up with an alternate email (a gmail address), just to see if that would have any impact. No luck.


However, sending a test email via Jetpack is an excellent idea. Hadn't considered that. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know if it works out.


Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

By the by, Jetpack worked, but only when I used a gmail address. So, looks like it's an email client issue, maybe a change with the domain/email host. Thanks for the lead!

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

Did you ever get this figured out?  I am having the exact same problem with every domain I host on GoDaddy.  Contact Form 7 says it sent the email out but nothing ever is received.  All sites including old and new (brand new as of last night) are having this exact problem.  Not sure what to do.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

I had an issue where contact 7 form was not working on GoDaddy with a wordpress site.

I rang GoDaddy and they changed the server mode from 'local', to 'remote', and it fixed the problem.
You do need to wait 10 or 125 minutes for the change to filter through the godaddy back end so patience is the key. You can change this yourself at goDaddy.


1. You need to have a cPanel enabled hosting account

2. Log into CPanel and go to the bottom to the email section and click MX Entry.
3. Click the button that says 'remote', it will most likely be on 'local', the default

4. Click Change, and wait 10 to 15 minutes. IT IS NOT INSTANT!

5. Try the form send again after 15 minutes


None of the fields in the contact form matter really, except that the to: email address has to be valid which is my case was an email attached to my hosted domain at godaddy.

Resolver I

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails



It's a loopback problem which happens when the website is managed through cPanel and the mailboxes are not physically hosted on the same machine.


cPanel is configured by default to send emails locally. If your email address is under the same domain of your website but the mailboxes are hosted elsewhere, cPanel (actually the mail server) will try to deliver it to itself but will not find a mailbox and the mail will get stuck in cyberspace.


Look in cPanel for a settings for email delivery, change it from local to remote, and your problem should be solved. I have this with every client that hosts on cPanel.


I hope this helps! If it does, please hit the Kudos below :-)

Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

This fix works on other forms as well.


Thank you for this post, stedaanvd!!


Re: Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails generated by WordPress or any contact plugin like WPForms. However, many WordPress hosting servers are not configured to use the mail function.

In order to fix this issue you need to use SMTP Plugin.

Follow these instruction to setup the plugin.