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Blogger imported to wordpress


I've imported by blog from blogger lately to my wordpress newly hosted blog.

The posts were transferred successfully, but pictures are not showing at all;

I tried to regenerate thumbnails plugin to resize all pictures; but still they are not showing.

When I check the media section, the pics are there and attached to the write posts, but they are not showing still.

Tried to detach them and re-attach the pics, but still not working, can you please suggest a way forward.


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Hmmm... sounds like the paths could be different than they were on Blogger?  Check the permalinks (Settings > Permalinks) and mirror the URL structure from your Blogger site and see if that makes a difference.


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please how do i import my blogger posts to my godaddy website? please help



There's a plugin for that:


In your new WordPress site go to Tools > Import.  There you will see at the top of the list "Blogger".  Clicking on the Install Now link will download the above importer plugin.


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"You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

@Muse thanks a lot! you know i'm new here. i've got lots of questions running on my head. please can i ask you questions anytime? i need guidance. thanksSmiley Happy 

@Muse how can i create a blog website with godaddy?

@Muse sorry for disturbing. is it after i launch a godaddy's  website that i can install wordpress or is godaddy a wordpress site? thanks. Smiley Happy



First you sign-up for the hosting you want with GoDaddy and then you install WordPress on that hosting. Depending on the hosting you signed up for is how you would then install WordPress.


=> GoDaddy has a step-by-step for Managed WordPress hosting that will help you out with the basics.  You can find that here.


=> If you have the standard Web or Classic hosting you would then install WordPress as an application.  You can find that step-by-step here.


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"You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss