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Authorize ownership of my webpage in Google search console



I am trying to authorize ownership of my webpage in the google search console. When i chose and click "verify" it opens the godaddy domain administarator in a new window. The godaddy admin site dosent load, and i cant verify my ownership. (see pictures) I tried to switch my browser from google chrome to microsoft edge, but that dosent solve the problem either. godaddy problem.PNGdont load.PNG

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Re: Google search console



You can add the txt record manually to your domain record by going here.


You can also click on the Alternative methods tab in the image you provided for other ways to verify such as adding a code snippet to the header of your theme (some themes have a box just for this purpose) or to FTP an html file provided by Google to your server.  Here's how.


HTH! 😉


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