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Smartline deleted texts before Reading

I recieved a notification that I recieved a text message via smartline. When I clicked on it It took me to the app and the message had been deleted. This was the first time messaging this individual and now I have no way to reply or contact them.

Does smartline have any record of the numbers sending texts? I don’t need the message, just the number.
Product Team

Hello @Madgorge 


Thanks for reaching out.


What you're experiencing is definitely odd.  We do not delete messages for you.  We'll need additional information to investigate your issue:


1.  What device model and OS version do you have?

2.  Did this happen once from a specific contact or all your new messages?

3.  Please private message me your SmartLine # so I can review your account setup.  

4.  Is your updated to the latest version?




Thank you for replying @AlohaHelen,
I am using an iPhone 6 with ios 12.1.4.
This has only happened with one contact - since it was the first time we connected there phone number is gone along with the actual text message.
I installed SmartLine a few days ago and it is up to date.

I’ve already called support, and they don’t have any record of the message or the number that sent it. I was referred to my phone provider, who also had no information.