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Smartline cancellation

A few days ago 6/2/2020 to my surprise I received an email that my SmartLine account had been cancelled. I couldn't remember the last time I was in my account. After logging in I found my SmartLine subscription was gone, no trace. I was in a panic because my business number that I had for twenty years vanished and I couldn't receive any calls. I called customer service which was helpful. The main thing is that my number was secure and they got it to work again THANK YOU!! However they insisted that I cancelled my subscription earlier that day and had to pay to get it back. In fact I was paid up until December of 2020. Then as the customer service person was speaking a free trail was added to my account until July 2020 not sure where that came from?  I was so upset and lost trust of GoDaddy’s product  that I immediately began to look for another service to port my number. 

Even if someone had compromised my account you would think there would be extra safeguards to protect account holders.  Like for instance, when you make a major change to your account there is an extra step. Maybe like two-step verification which I had in place since December of 2019 or at least email verification? I was only notify after my phone service was wiped out. I don’t know the answer I am not a GoDaddy engineer “Cranking” out code and great ideas everyday, so they say. 

Then the next day GoDaddy’s number unlock team could not release my business phone line because my account was in "free" trial status. REALLY! So I needed to pay another $12.00 to get off the free trial to port the number. 

I guess I should be happy there was a number unlock procedure(thank god or maybe the FCC). 

 I don't care about the money GoDaddy you keep it.   Im just glad to be out of the SmartLine hot mess.